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The bilingüal section of “ ROU secondary school” attended a conference on the topic above mentioned, the fith of November 2009.

We learnt about some interesting information on the country.

The Canadian flag is red and white. The red parts of the flag symbolize the two oceans, and in the middle , in the white part of the flag there is a maple leaf, which represents the country on a background of snow.
The national sport is ice hockey and the Ottawa hockey club is very popular in the country.

The players use special helmets which are called “masks”.

The population in Canada is about 35 million people. Considering how big the country is, it is not a very big population.

The climate is very extreme, very long and cold winters with plenty of snow and very short and not very hot summers.

Not many people know that some of the most important inventions of this century were discovered by Canadians ; for example, the light bulb, the cell phone, the zippo, the road yellow lines etc....

Canada has two official languages. French and English. There is a very important inmigrant population from all over the world.

Canada welcomes foreigners......

discovering Canada

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Raul Manuel dijo...

I think that the conference was very interesting.
To listen a person who speaks English daily helped me with the pronounce of some words.Karen taugh us things about her country:Canada. I really don't knew how was Canada, I thought that in Canada always is snowing, but I'm was wrong, Karen show us some photos of Canada and I could see really how is. A thing wich struck me was Ottawa, the capital, his buildings, his landscapes, the great ski slope, etc...

Finally I think that things like this conference make increase about the English and the countries where the English is the official language.

I don't know if I wright without fails, but I'm trying learn and one way for learn is failing.